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Sir William

emma rehberg ariadne

Sir William Hamilton, Joseph Haydn and Horatio Nelson look down on Emma as Ariadne, drawn by Frederick Rehberg, historical painter in His Prussian Majesty's service at Rome, 1794

Frederick Rehberg's drawing (above) shows Emma as Ariadne, waiting patiently for her Theseus to return. She also appears as Ariadne in several paintings of her by George Romney and the theme seems to be one associated with her from early on. It is also the theme of a splendid cantata by Joseph Haydn, written to an Italian text and entitled Arianna a Naxos. Emma sang this cantata, accompanied by Haydn himself, when the Hamiltons and Nelson visited Vienna on their way home from Naples in 1800, and a performance of Arianna is one of the highlights of the music-theatre piece
'Lady Hamilton's Attitudes', written and directed by Kate Brown.

This show casts a delicate light on the relationship between Emma, Nelson and Sir William Hamilton.
We are At Home with the Hamiltons: Nelson is out at the Admiralty, and Emma and Sir William are entertaining themselves and us with Haydn's music, a set of Emma's dramatic and famous Attitudes, and animated conversation about life, love, volcanoes, and the Navy.

emma as ariadne
This show was produced in collaboration with Trinity College of Music at Greenwich:
click here for full cast details and more information about the background to the project.
cat as emma

ensemble in Schloss Woerlitz

September 1st - 4th
to celebrate the restoration of the Marvellous Rock, the Wunderfelsen of Woerlitz, near Dessau in Germany. For more information on this amazing place, click below
Kate goes to Woerlitz, April 2005

The Show goes to Woerlitz, September 2005

for an excellent article on Woerlitz in English
click here

the site below is in German -this page is about the Stein, click on links at the top for pictures and information about the rest of the garden
Kulturstiftung Gartenreich Dessau-Woerlitz
ensemble at Hilton


September 23rd
A short show, concluding the dinner
at the weekend event
Remember Nelson
at the Hilton Hotel in Docklands, London

photograph of the ensemble at the Hilton
together with Peter Warwick of the Official Nelson Commemoration Committee,
in the dress of one of Nelson's officers.

ensemble in Painted Hall

October 6th
A full length show with interval,
starting at 7.30pm.
to celebrate the bicentenary of the Battle of Trafalgar
Trinity College
at the Old Royal Naval Chapel, Greenwich

right and below right:
photographs taken in the Painted Hall, October 23rd 2005
ensemble in Painted Hall
October 23rd
The short show, played between the courses at
a Greenwich Foundation Trafalgar Dinner in the
in the Painted Hall of the Old Royal Naval College

ornc logo
romeny: emma spinning
Romney paints Emma spinning,
in the days before she married Sr William

The George Romney Society invited us to perform in Kendal
on January 19th 2006

click here for information on the George Romney Society
click here for information on Romney and Emma
click here for information on Kendal

The ensemble in Kendal with our Noted Guests the Admiral and the Sheriff

This show was originally produced by the Scottish Early Music Consort, and was performed in Glasgow and, by special invitation, at the opening of the Vases and Volcanoes exhibition at the British Museum.
Emma at the British Museum
Mike Shannon as Sir William and Sarah-Jane Dale as Emma at the British Museum.

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