The Luisium

Fürstin Luise von Anhalt Dessau 1750 - 1811
The Luisium was built for the wife of Fürst Franz, and is filled with pictures and other decorations extolling the virtues, graces and intelligence of women.
Contemplating Minerva - an interesting comparison with Emma's Attitude of Ariadne.
There is no record of what Fürstin Luise thought of Emma. Although several decorations in her schloss remind us of Lady Hamilton, it is sadly likely that the Fürstin would not have approved.
There are dozens of allusions both in the main Schloss and in the Luisium to the wall paintings of Pompeii.
Another early Viennese fortepiano stands in the large and beautiful Music Room
desk toilette
Luise wrote thousands of pages of journal in her lifetime, and travelled a great deal, like her husband (but not often with him) - the travelling toilette here is matched by another in the main Schloss.
Detail from the wall decorations in the Luisium - many of the birds, plants, and butterflies are taken from nature and refer to Luise's specific interests.
At the gates of the Luisium stands the Schlangenhaus, a summer pavilion now restored for events and for people to stay in.

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