Theory and Practice - costumes, attitudes, gestures, and rehearsals

Novelli's sketches of Emma performing her Attitudes
Iphigenia novelli heads
Catharine Rogers as Emma as Iphigenia, and more drawings by Novelli
John William
John Savournin and Wedgwood's medallion of Sir William
reynolds' william john in villa hamilton
Sir Joshua Reynolds' portrait of Sir William, and John Savournin at the Villa Hamilton, Woerlitz, in a suit modelled on the one in the portrait
ariadne rehberg ariadne romney ariadne cat
Emma as Ariadne, and Catharine Rogers rehearsing the Attitude
smoking attitudes
Isaac Cruickshank, 1800: A Mansion House Treat, or Smoking Attitudes:
Sir William in his brown suit sits next to Pitt and the scandalous lovers.

The Nile with wrecks o'erspread
Catharine Rogers rehearsing "The Battle of the Nile"

ensemble in Schloss Woerlitz
Barbara de Barros, Mercedes Romero Fernandez and Iason Ioannou rehearsing in Schloss Woerlitz
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart at the spinet, his father Leopold next to him at the harpsichord, Sir William Hamilton playing the violin, together with Emanuel Barbella, in the house of Lord Fortrose (in the white coat) at Naples, 1771.
The team from Wimbledon School of Art, led by Hazel Pethig (left),
at the rehearsal in the Peacock Room, Trinity College

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