Schloss Woerlitz

Friedrich Franz von Anhalt-Dessau, Fürst Leopold III, 1740 -1817
Schloss Woerlitz
The Palladian Temple
The other side of the Schloss faces onto the Lake
Apollo, god of both Arts and Sciences, greets all who enter the Schloss
Some of the early Wedgwood Jasperware
The Dining Room, with Wedgwood china ...
.... and refrigerator in full working order
After dinner, perhaps the Furst might hear one of the beautiful Viennese fortepianos ...
Hamilton and Winckelmann
... or retire to his library, where Winckelmann and William Hamilton (this is a painting of Wedgwood's jasper medallion) among other contemporary worthies, Apollo and other classical gods, all look down on the princely philosopher...
... before retiring to bed - this is a travelling bed modelled on the type used by captains in the British Royal Navy

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